2010-2011               PGCE Secondary Science w. Chemistry, (1st) QTS Edgehill University


2003-2006               Ph.D. in Materials Chemistry, University of Liverpool 

                                    ThesisTitle: High Throughput Discovery of CO2soluble Polymers                              
                                    Supervisor: Prof. A.I. Cooper

Project: Development of High Throughput Direct Methods for the synthesis of Polyesters; Development of High Throughput Methods for the assessment of materials solubility in scCO­2. Examination of Structure Property relationships

2002-2003                MRes. Clean Chemical Technology, University of York. 

Thesis Title: Synthesis of Sucrose Esters and their application to Fabric Conditioners

Supervisors: Prof. J.H. Clark, Dr. S. Tavener, (University of York); Dr. Craig Jones (Unilever)

Project: Synthesis of sucrose esters using green techniques: solventless, microwave assisted, PTC; examining their use as surfactants in Fabric conditioners

1997-2001                B.Sc. Applied Chemistry (hons) 1stClass Liverpool John Moores University

Project: Soil Nickel Chemistry. Examination of Nickel contaminated soils from Clydach, Swansea – developing extraction methods for determining nickel species in soil

Supervisor: Dr. R. Edwards

1995-1997               HNC Applied Chemistry (Distinction), Liverpool John Moores University

Project: Lanthanides as analogues for the Actinides in Environmental behaviour. Examination of the sulfate, hydroxide system of lanthanide metals. Techniques used included XRD, AAS, IR, TGA

Supervisor: Dr. R. Edwards

1980-1981               D.P.S.(Diploma of Pastoral Studies) St. John’s College Nottingham​

1979-1980               Theol. Grads. St. John’s College Nottingham

1978-1979               Dip.Th.(Postgraduate Diploma in Theology) University of Nottingham

1974-1976               M.Sc.Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada. 

Research M.Sc. (2.5 years) Thesis Title: Extent and distribution of soil contamination at Coniston Ontario.

Supervisor: Prof. G. K. Rutherford

Projects: 1) Analysis of soils from around a smelter at Coniston Ontario. Measurement of Cu, Zn, Ni, Fe, S,. Developed techniques for analysing, total, extractable and available amounts. Techniques included AAS, Leco S analyser, SEM, soil microscopy, SPSS statistical analysis

2) Micromorphological analysis of a Kingston soil

1972-1974               B.Sc. Geography (hons)2.2 University of Leeds

Awards and Distinctions

1997                          RSC Student Prize

1975-76                    Queen’s University Research Scholarship

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