About Chris

Chris is married to Helen. They have three grown up children –  an Architect/Church Youth Worker, a University Earth Science Lecturer and Researcher, and an Engineer, and 3 young grandchildren.


Chris is committed to lifelong learning, teaching and research and has an excessive number of University qualifications in Geography, Earth Science, Applied Chemistry, Theology, Clean Chemical Technology, Materials Science/ Polymer Chemistry, and Teaching Science.


Chris is a Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry (MRSC) and formerly a Member of the American Chemical Society (ACS)


He started Professional Life conducting research on extremely contaminated soils in Northern Canada (an area so barren that the American Astronauts trained there before the first Lunar Landing)

He has worked as a Teacher and Chaplain, teaching RE, Physical Geography and Outdoor Pursuits. He has worked at Universities as a Researcher and Tutor for 10 years.


Chris was ordained into the Church of England and worked in Parishes for over 20 years. 

He is now an active Retired Clergyman who provides cover for a number of parishes in both Chester and Liverpool Diocese


Chris has a number of other interests. He is a keen mountaineer and qualified Mountain Leader (ML) and Rock Climbing Instructor. He ran Young People’s Summer camps for many years. Chris enjoyed athletics being a Middle Distance Runner, Road runner and Marathon Runner. Chris enjoys singing and has belonged to groups and choirs for most of his life. He is a failed Violin Player but enjoys listening to Violin Concertos.

Chris enjoys photography and has been a Wedding Photographer and has a number of photos in books and other publications

Chris has enjoyed Racquet Sports: Table Tennis, Squash and Tennis.

Chris loves Skiing and although he doesn’t go as often as he would like, he plans to carry on skiing until he is 80 when in most resorts you are offered a free Lift pass!

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